Did it work?

Apparently, yes. I actually created a blog, and I was able to somehow create and edit this page on aforementioned blog. So, hey, that’s cool. Welcome, I suppose? Feel free to look around, check out my stories, and write your own. I don’t know if there’s ever a word limit for the comment section of these things, but be my guest if you’d like to try.

Be my guest, be my guest, put my blogging to the test…


This blog is for the express purpose of inspiring me to write, and to write more. If I want to live up to the title of “English: Writing” major, then I need to earn my place in the halls of author and editor glory by writing something that will survive me. If the internet survives me, that is. Maybe one day, I’ll discover that my secret superpower was really immortality. Surprise!

Until then or until I am suddenly whisked away in a magic blue telephone box on the evening before my wedding day, I’ll use this blog for stories, adventures, escapades, and all the other words I can think of that may inspire interest or a sense of wanderlust in you, darling Reader.

Join me as I traverse the path of self-discovery that God has set out for me in the next few years of schooling, in the next few decades of growing up, and in the next century or so of getting older, wiser, and better-looking with age.

I encourage your comments and questions. I desire your feedback and impromptu critiques. But keep in mind that this blog is a collection of my insights and my experiences – though peppered with advice, quotes, and moments stolen from the many lives that intertwine with my own.  I am only what you see, and that makes me a fallen, broken, imperfect creature. I live for a purpose greater than my own glory, but I, too, make mistakes.

All that is to serve as a disclaimer, reminding you, the Reader: Haters gonna hate, but don’t be one of them.

And if you do?

I’m just gonna have to get over it, I suppose. What do they call that these days? Shaking it off?

(Just kidding, I don’t like Taylor Swift. Or cherry-flavored things. Or Beyonce. I do like the word “grotesque.” And “ephemeral.” “Effervescent”? “Rambunctious”…)