For the last two nights, I’ve stayed up past 1am with two friends I know only through having once shared other mutual friends. Now, I consider them close, even though one of them I’ve never hugged, and the other doesn’t remember anything specific or significant about the summer we met. Ah, sakit…

(My roommatesand I are so perfect for each other. One comes into the room only ten minutes after me, and I can hear her not being asleep below me even now. Good thing she’s not a sensitive sleeper, or I’d be in serious trouble by now.)

Things to blog about tomorrow:


Romantic interest and what that says about a person

“You could do better”

Exploring town

Being tipsy versus being drunk 

Examples of gentlemanly things that all guts can and should do but don’t necessarily do

Reflections on why I am so obnoxious and unkind around my friends, and what that says about both me and my friends 

Soon to come!