What is an audience for?

Why do we desire an audience for anything and everything that we do? Why do we feel uplifted by Facebook likes and affirming nods?

If it’s not for a sense of validation (I like to believe that I have enough validation in knowing that I am loved by One greater than I, and in recognizing that I have a purpose)…

if it’s not a desire for attention (I’ve never liked being the center of the story)…

if it’s not for some greater purpose, like changing the world or inspiring lives (this blog is more like extended Facebook statuses than anything life-changing)…

If we cringe when someone looks at our work, but then share a secret smile with our subconscious and feel that little sense of satisfaction that comes from being noticed, what is an audience meant to be?

Is it a learning experience, to get better at creating and telling stories? (But I never read these posts out loud…)

Is it a desire to use talents and gifts to one’s full potential? (But I don’t use this enough for it to serve as a sole outlet for my writing, and it’s not the first thing that I think of when I think of writing something – Facebook usually is, which makes Facebook my creative outlet…)

It’s not a diary, because it’s not so personal that it’s cringe-worthy when I look back on the moments that inspired posts.

What is the purpose of this blog in particular?

Thinking about it, I don’t know, really.

(Thinking out loud can be much more boring than Virginia Woolf or Ed Sheeran would make you believe. Am I writing to you, Reader, now that I know you exist? Are you my audience now, or is it still some kind of purposeless shout into the void?)