Why I’ve got the travel bug on the mind:

  1. Daily Goodreads “quote of the day” email for Saturday, June 25.

    Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you. Anthony Bourdain. (I swear that these things don’t just happen coincidentally. Co-in-kee-dinks don’t exist.)

  2. Reading friends’ blogs about traveling and college life and how the two conflict and intertwine in the best and worst ways.
  3. Thinking about the future and where I want to be in two years. Do I want to be here? Or there? Or everywhere? I need to summon a council of advisers, mentors, and life coaches for this one…hello, English pod.
  4. Because the statement “Adventure is out there” is 1 of 3 mottos that I’ve chosen for myself, and one never forgets one’s life mottos.
  5. Because I’m still awake, and I tend to think both broadly and deeply when I’m awake after midnight. The girth of my thought process is immeasurable. Alright, fine, so I really just wanted to fit the word “girth” into a sentence here.
  6. Finding Dory is all about traveling and making a journey for the sake of family. What about for the sake of self-discovery? Self-betterment? Curiosity? What are valid excuses for travel, and what are not?
  7. When I think about where the freshman-me saw the senior-me heading after college, I get twisted and turned around in my mind. That mattered to me then, but does it matter to me now? Why or why not? How have I changed? Is that change for the better?
  8. Watching Youtube videos about a Korean adopted into an American (Illinoisan) family as a child, who then chose to return to Korea to live for a time as a 20-something-year-old. What pieces of my own heritage and history could I discover by traveling?
  9. Saying goodbye to a good friend as she moves on from having graduated to pursue further studies as a grad student in Cali. Goodbyes are always, to me, “see you later.” I do plan to see you later, even if that involves me driving across the country or flying from one continent to another. The only issue in that is the money…
  10. Missing home, but not for the sake of the place. For the sake of the people. Does that mean, then, that I could feel at home no matter where I end up going?

And however many more reasons my mind dreams up for me as I create this list. I just really like typing on the keyboard of this laptop. The keys are smooth, they click in a satisfying way with every letter, and I can watch the words and sentences originating in my mind unfold across the screen even as I hunt-and-peck type with two fingers.

As a good friend would say,