Note: This applies to me in regards to personal visitors: that is, people who come to campus with the specific purpose of visiting and spending time with me. It could be used for any purpose, honestly, but this purpose is my own.


Go to Lamars. Blue Bunny.

Go to Hull. Foreign Candy Company, little coffee shop beside the Subway (“Le Meiullers” or something much like that).

Go to Sioux Falls. Hibachi, Hu Hot, etc. All kinds of food places, anywhere you go. Get your ears pierced in the Empire Mall. Wander the mall hallways and take selfies with all the hats you find.

Go thrift-store shopping. Rock Valley has Nearly New Town, Sioux Center has Melissa’s Hope Chest, and more.

Go star-gazing. Preferably when it’s not late fall or winter: it can get really cold in Iowa during the autumn months. Bring a blanket, a dog, a friend…something to keep warm, or at least someone to complain to about the coldness of the weather. In the same vein, stay up late enough to watch the sun rise. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now…

Take your visitor(s) bowling in the basement of the Dordt College Campus Center. It’s not so easy to let someone unfamiliar to the campus entertain themselves while you’re in class, but if you leave them alone then it is likely they will find the Game Room at some point during a few hours of intensive exploration.

Take a walk through the Prairie. This may fit with star-gazing, or sunrise-watching, or just as an opportunity to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Skype someone. You may come up with ideas of things to do while you chat with someone else who may or may not have been to the state as well.

Go to the Fruited Plain. From personal experience, I recommend not making a new friend walk all the way there in the deep midwinter: it’s much colder and much farther than you believe!

Hike to “The Palisades.” Somewhere around here, I think. I’ve never been, so.