If I’m really going to be keeping up this blog by publishing as much as possible, then I need inspiration and motivation. Aaaaand that’s where Pinterest comes in. Well, Pinterest, and this reminder post. When I have nothing else to write but I really feel the desire to work on my writing skills, then I’ll do my best to use these ideas and pieces of advice to keep me on track.

Thus, in no particular order, behold the inspiration! Behold the guidance!

  1. ADVICE! Okay, so to be honest, I’ve sat uninspired at this number for a good few minutes. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that I’m also watching Youtube videos while I write this. Hmm, perhaps that’s it. So maybe the first piece of inspiration for the future me should be, “When writing, stay focused. No music, if the music is distracting. No watching anything else, if the writing is important and on a deadline. Keep your mind on one thing at a time.”
  2. IDEAS! Look up writing prompts and write stories to fulfill them. This will develop my creative writing abilities by experience, as well as offering a good start to building a portfolio kind of thing. Every author has a distinct style, and often a distinct diction, of their own. By grinding out writing prompts, I’m bound to eventually discover my particular style of writing and wordplay.
  3. IDEAS! Yesterday, I found a little red book on my shelf that I must have bought some time ago. It’s called “What If,” and it’s really just a bunch of “what would you do” questions all put together under themes and sub-themes. If I’m ever starved for ideas, I could always open the book to a random page and answer one of the questions. I wouldn’t necessarily have to make my posts long and wordy, either: on a journal blog like this, my posts can be as long or short as I like. It’s more of the thought that counts…

So, that’s not much of a post, but it’s a beginning…for now. I may come up with new ideas and create new posts on this topic later. Only time will tell! Until time does tell, here’s to wishing you a blessed Sunday and a magnificent 2016.