Perhaps not so strangely, I don’t usually listen to the radio. The most radio time that I’ve gotten in the last few months has been a few good weeks of binge-listening to Welcome to Nightvale. A good non-country radio station is pretty scarce in Iowa, especially in the small towns like mine. Besides that, most radios these days are in cars, and I don’t usually drive while I’m on campus. (One nice thing about the small towns is that nearly everything is within walking distance, but that’s the beginning of a list for another time…) It would make sense, then, that I’m not really used to radio hosts.

Today at some time of the day, I found myself driving down some highway on my way to somewhere, with some pop-and-indie, Bieber-heavy station playing on my car radio in the background. Suddenly, a voice cut through the lyrics. A radio host, announcing her list of “Why I Won’t Miss 2015.” I tuned in (puns are always intended here) for the time it took for her to list five fairly vapid, uninteresting reasons that 2015 was a year to be crossed off the books and forgotten. Her reasons consisted of pop culture references old and new, such as “So we won’t ever have to see anyone do the Whip ever again” and “Because we can finally say goodbye to Taylor Swift.”

Well, as useless as her list was, it did inspire me to write my own list, as the first (perhaps the first of many) of my “journal” entries of 2016. And so, without further ado, my list of reasons that I won’t miss 2015:

  1. What’s to miss? Seriously, why would I miss 2015 when there’s so many new, exciting, unknown experiences to be had in the year of 2016 that is to come?

In other words, I may think back on the memories. I may wax nostalgic every so often about the experiences I had, the people I met, the classes I took, the books I read…you get the idea. But I won’t miss those experiences, because I’ll have the memories. That’s the purpose of memories, after all: something to keep, to hold, to share when you feel like “missing” things.

I don’t wish that 2015 would happen again. I don’t wish I could go back and do it over. I don’t wish that my 2015 experiences would happen again, because I’m too busy living in the present day of 2016 and too busy thinking about the 2016 experiences and memories to come.

So, perhaps you have a different definition of “missing” than I do. But I don’t miss years gone by. I live in the now and the what-will-be, informed by the once-was and the what-has-been.