My first notable act of 2016: finishing a 500-piece puzzle that I began yesterday. Of a gazelle. It was a rather nice gazelle, indeed.

My second notable act of 2016: finding out that the elbow bruise I sustained a few days ago by slipping on some ice onto a concrete barn floor has turned many lovely shades of purple and blue (lots of prepositions make for very long sentences). I’ve never had such a magnificent bruise, nor such an unimpressive story to attach to an “injury.”

Perhaps my last notable act of January 1, 2016: Watching the latest episode of my favorite modern detective show as it premieres across the country. Sherlock: The Abominable Bride premieres tonight. Right now, in fact. At this moment in time. As I write these words, I’m watching and listening to the show intently and Skype-chatting with a good friend as she “fangirls” with me about the wonderful that is this show, this series, and Benedict Cumberbatch. So many incredibly talented costume designers, actors and actresses, etc etc. The references to the other episodes hit me right in the fangirl-feels part of my brain every time. And the quotable quips in every scene…beautiful stuff. I can’t wait for this to be on Netflix so I can watch it again, at least twice and perhaps more, in time. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect for this episode, more than a year after the prior one, but I am enjoying this immensely. Quite honestly, I am SQUEAKING at parts of this premiere. IF Moriarty appears, I shall very likely keel over and curl up and fangirl intensely for a few seconds. Also, more than likely that I will be talking with a faintly posh British air for the next week or so.

Other memorable moments of today, perhaps more suited to a Facebook status than a journal blog: Discovering a fruit tea that I actually don’t like. Watching and critically narrating a movie that was more of an allegory than it meant to be, and more trippy than any PG movie should ever be. Wishing a Happy New Year to a a new-old friend. Writing my first blog post in ages. Doing the first bit of writing that I’ve done in ages. And so many tiny, short moments that may not have been so memorable to me, but may be memorable to others in this crazy, complex, emotional world of ours. A look, a smile, a “thank you,” the smallest sign of recognition or respect. Anything can mean something to anyone. Too vague of  statement? Perhaps, but perhaps not…

Words of the Day: Prance. Cloud. Confinement. MORIARTY.