I’ve never smelled so much cologne in my life. I wish I could say that because it’d be a clever hook for this post, but to be honest these guys are actually hygienic. The vast majority of them seem fairly polite, patient, and well-behaved. They’ve been here for twenty minutes and haven’t broken a machine or destroyed any ping pong balls, at least.

Today’s installment will consist majorly of people watching, methinks. Join me?

Well. There’s definitely a few potential heart-breakers here. Most of them look to be Midwest boys-turning-into-men, raised with discipline and little fashion sense beyond athletic shorts and multi-colored t-shirts. To be fair, it is a camp for football players. That might have been all that they brought clothing-wise. Who am I to judge?

I’m an acute observer, that’s who. I’m people-watching because I have nothing better to do, and because I seriously enjoy this. Looking and learning and perceiving and imagining.