I was going to have a clever hook as well, to lead into the post. Unfortunately, I forgot what that hook was going to be while I was typing the title of this thing. My brain is on auto pilot right now survival-wise because it is currently too early in the morning to be morning and too late at night to be night. Does that make sense? Think about it.

There are plenty of blog ideas saved into the notebook app on my phone that I could choose to expound on here and now. But this moment is not the moment for that. Drawing on the example of one of my closest friends, I have decided to make this post a prayer. Prayer is essential to the life of a Christian, and maintaining an active prayer life is difficult when one is not committed to the action of prayer: taking time apart from everything else to spend a few moments cultivating a relationship with God of the highest and purest friendship, and of the most respectful child to a loving father. What I write here will be the first time that I have actively and spontaneously engaged in prayer in a long time. I will keep it as vague as possible because I know that this website is public, and nothing that you put on the internet is safe forever.

To begin?

Let us pray.

Dear God, Heavenly Father and Maker of all things, thank you for the blessings you have heaped upon me in this day. Friends who care about me, people for me to care about, opportunities to speak and hear the truth of You in the everyday happenings and conversations, and so many more. Thank you for being beside me in this day, carrying me through trials and watching over me even in the moments when I am so lost in the details of my own existence that I forget to acknowledge Yours. Thank you for putting me on this path and for guiding me with a steady hand as I walk through this world – sometimes stumbling, often falling, but never left behind or left to wallow in my miseries. I am protected by a watchman who never sleeps. I ask that you guide me continually through the wisdom of the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit visible in me and in others; guard me through the sleepless nights and draw me closer to you so that I may become more and more aware of your love for me; protect me when the enemy threatens to overwhelm my mind or my body, for my flesh is weak and broken. I am scarred and bruised, but the consequences I experience for my sin are nothing compared to the punishment You took upon Yourself in the form of the Son become man. Take the words in my soul and my mind and spin them into sentences coherent to You, for you understand my needs and my desires better even than I think I do. Words are clumsy, but you know my heart, oh God. Make me willing and able to love and to know you more by making use of those things around me like “the elegant book” of creation that speaks magnitudes of You and Your wonderful attributes. Be with me as I fall asleep, Lord. Forgive my many sins and the sins I have yet to commit. In Jesus’ name and under His blood do I call to you, God. Amen.