Usually, I include in these posts something about myself: some personal anecdote, or a metaphor from my past life, or a bit of wisdom that you may or may not understand completely. In this installment, you – the reader – gets to hear all about my inability to keep food items in containers for extended periods of time. Today, I dropped and spilled or nearly spilled no less than:

1) a medium-sized container of Walmart’s General Tzo’s chicken, which fortunately did not spill but unfortunately decided to take its dive .

2) a small bowl of blueberries, which fell gracefully and spilled in a wide-ranging pattern underneath and around a particularly lovely plain and tan apartment couch.

3) oodles of noodles of ramen, cooked and served by a very good friend of mine. When eating ramen with a fork, one may find it truly impossible to avoid dropping a noodle or two. Or eight.

Yeah, not much deep or profound today. Just writing to write, you know?