Should I start a YouTube channel?

Hmm. I started this blog with the purpose of working on my ability to dedicate myself to things. I need to be able to become more focused. I need to work out my time management so that I can find time for things: school work, writing, reflection.

Would a YouTube channel keep me more dedicated? Would it hold me more accountable?

Maybe that’s what I need. Someone to hold me accountable to this. But why can’t I do it myself? I can. I will.

“A person is as good as their word.” So I’ve heard. Honesty, truthfulness, honor. These things matter to me. A promise made to myself is as important as a promise made to another, and I always keep my promises. When I can remember them, that is. but that’s another blog post…

I’ll continue blogging and see how this pans out. Because it is important to me. The little things – like finding time for my writing and finding time for myself – matter.