What’s new in my life?

Not much.

What can I say then for today’s exciting installment? I don’t really know. I suppose this is exactly the kind of writer’s block a novelist must have. Or a columnist, or a travel writer. I’ve heard multiple quotes that in order to write, one must have adventures; this may not necessarily be true, as even the most shut-in writer has a good chance of appearing on the New York Times bestseller list.

Not every writer can be a Dean Koontz or a J. K. Rowling, but every writer can be a writer. That’s not really super profound. It just means that in order to call yourself a writer, you must write. In order to call myself a blogger – which I don’t, but it’s the thought that counts – I must blog.

So blog I do. Even if it’s just a little post like this.

Dedication. Dedication is my newest middle name.