Remember me talking about my lack of dedication? Well this is due absolutely to my forgetfulness. As a person I am one of the single most forgetful people I know. To be honest, I might have known more forgetful people at one time or another but I have since forgotten their names.

This post is of course to be used simply to justify the fact that I forgot to blog yesterday. I could use this as an opportunity to explore the personal failures of my character as a result of my humanity, or to complain about the crookedness and inability of man to reach any state similar to perfection. I could rant and rave about my imperfections for hours on end, and I’m sure that my closest friends have been subjected to such a conversation with me before.

But I don’t necessarily want to do that, and you don’t necessarily want to hear that. So I will do something else. I’ll talk about new beginnings and future goals.

Such a strange phrase, you know. New beginnings. Is there such a thing as old beginnings?

Tangents, sorry. It’s the easily-distracted-by-language English major side of me.

Anyway. New beginnings and future goals.

This year and summer spent on campus taught me lots of things, about myself and others and life in general. I learned more than I could ever need to know about worldview! Additionally, by the means of various friendlies and enemies and others, I have been taught how to do a number of new things. Things I never imagined myself able to do, like…

…longboarding. Okay, not incredibly well after all. I can’t turn and I can’t zigzag down inclines. But I can stand up on a longboard and I can push off with one foot while balancing on the other, which is far more than I ever believed myself capable of doing. I can keep my balance going downhill and I can look cool doing it.

…speaking some Korean. Very, VERY few words and phrases, but still recognizable by Koreans. I can tell you to “shut up” or to “get lost.” I can call you “beautiful” and I can refer to you as “dear” or “darling.” I can say “hello” and “how are you” and count to five. It’s not the most impressive vocabulary, but it’s on its way. Perhaps by next summer I will be capable of holding a conversation at the level of a first grader! I suppose I can only hope.

…playing “Amazing Grace” slowly and laboriously but recognizably well on the acoustic guitar. I was not born to play the guitar. But I was born with the ability to move all my fingers independently of each other so that I could make chords, and singing along with those chords really helps me keep my place. So try I will.

…swimming underwater without holding my nose. I didn’t necessarily start doing this at college, but I did start doing it well here. I still can’t breath underwater like I always wanted to, but maybe the knowledge of my secret superpowers or my identity as a half-mermaid mutant will come along later.

…telling you the plot of every Jurassic Park movie and exactly who is or is not going to die, at least ten seconds in advance while watching it. Movie marathon three nights in a row with friends, staying up way too late and having to wake up way too early for work afterwards? But of course. Don’t mind if I do.

If you want new beginnings, if you want the kind of goals that require learning by example, then find friends who inspire you to be something, to be better. Have friends with talents beyond your own. Have friends who act as good influences by encouraging you to get up in the morning, enjoy every day, and go to bed healthy and happy.

Easier said than done, Well, how about this…be that person.

Vice versa applies as well: be that friend. Find something you’re good at and work to be better. Do something exciting, adventurous, inspiring.

So, this is my blog, so on to self-reflection. What can I do, you ask? Well, I can accurately sing you the lyrics of every Disney princess movie soundtrack ever made. I can sass anyone into cracking a smile. I’m told I give great hugs? I can boil eggs and cook ramen and make fake pizza with french bread, spices, and pizza toppings. I can speak four or five French words in a passably good accent.

I’m not the best at everything. I’m not the best at many things. But I live life as an adventure, and I surround myself with people who do the same. I have countless lessons to learn, and I have countless people to meet. I have beginnings and I have goals.

I am truly blessed.