Congratulations! You found my blog. Somehow. I’m not exactly sure how you did that, as I haven’t yet told anyone that I have begun this adventure of blogging every day. Small world, I suppose.

Wait, what was that? Skip back a few lines. Yep, you read that right. Every day.

I don’t know when you found this page, and I don’t know how. I don’t know how long I’ve been writing since I’ve posted this. But I do hope that I’ve been able to – for the most part – keep up the commitment of writing something in this site every day. A memory, a thought, a new story idea. A complaint, a rant, a justification. As long as it’s there, floating around on the internet for all the world to see should it choose to notice.

The first thing you should recognize about me is that I am not the most dedicated of people when it comes to keeping up with something daily, weekly, or even monthly! I love sending and receiving letters, but unless I sit down immediately in the moment of inspiration and write those golden words that may have appeared in my head, I will forget to do so. I’ve begun various journals and diaries and things like that before, but committing to doing the same thing every single day is not my forte. I thrive on adventure. I thrive on change and new landscapes and new people. I love new things that challenge me, and make me think, and make me want to know more.

So, I’ve decided, on the advice and tentative nudging of a friend, to take up this challenge set before me.

Whoever you are, dear reader, I love that you’re interested enough to have read all the way to the end of this post. I love that you’re reading still! Maybe I shared the link with you because it matters to me that you know what’s going on in this whirlwind adventure of my life. Maybe I mentioned something off-hand and you teased the information out of me with threats and promises of jasmine tea. But be that as it may, it must be said that this blog – this challenge – is not for you. It’s not for the friend who recommended it to me. It’s not for the many wonderful teachers and friends I have had the blessing of experiencing who told me that they liked my writing and my passion for English.


This blog is for me. It’s kind of a selfish gift to myself. A lot like buying a puppy, actually. You can pick it out at the pet store, and name it, and get it all kinds of fancy toys and gadgety-things to play around with. But, somehow, at the end of the day that puppy is a responsibility. It’s a commitment. It’s going to take a lot of attention.

So, here it is. My challenge to myself, my new commitment.

This blog.

Enjoy reading, dear reader, and I hope that I will find some enjoyment in following this path as well. Good luck to us both!

To be honest, though…that analogy sounded much better in my head.